About Us

Taste for Life (Zi Jin Tang 紫金堂) was founded in 2005 to provide quality confinement meal plans which suits the modern lifestyles and demands of new mothers. Our team of professionals with expertise in nursing, medicine, and nutrition work with award-winning chefs to conceptualise delicious meals which optimise recovery. Over the years, we have also developed confinement tools, meals for miscarriage, and meals for menstrual care.

Taste for Life has re-conceptualised the Eastern tradition of Confinement diet to suit today’s modern lifestyles and demand of mothers and their newborns. Adhering to the concept of natural ingredients and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the origin, we have systemised a 30-Day DIY Confinement Diet Regimen with our range of Exclusive Concentrated Soups.

Make use of this one opportunity to recover from the rigours of pregnancy, childbirth and to regain your physical strength and health to pre-natal stage in the shortest possible time!

Accreditations & Awards
Taste for Life owns a 21,600 square feet central kitchen in Taipei and is accredited with double verification of internationally recognised HACCP and ISO22000 since 2006 and 2008 respectively. 

We adopt the most sophisticated and comprehensive business operations and planning systems to ensure that all aspects of food safety and hygiene, from farm to table, meet the highest international standards.

High Pressure Processing Methods (HPP)
Taste for Life (Zi Jin Tang) uses the high pressure processing method to retain the nutrients, flavour, and colour of food without artificial preservatives, colouring, or flavouring. This technology holds pressure for 48 hours by the ultra-high pressure at a temperature below 50 ℃, which reduces protein denaturation and loss of nutrients caused by high temperature.

This technique is known as “one of the ten cutting-edge technology in twenty-first century”, and is recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). It is an increasingly popular technology in Singapore, especially among health food brands. Thus, mothers can rest assured that our meals are safe to consume and nutritious. 

Six-layer Quality Assurance System from Taiwan to Singapore

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