Pigeon Flexible Peristaltic Slim Neck Nipple, Assorted Sizes, 2s-Pack

Size: S (0m+)
Sale price$5.90


Super-Stretchable Teat section has an “accordion-like” portion that enables it to stretch in response to the peristaltic movement of the baby’s tongue. Ultra-Soft Silicone The nipple’s surface is very soft, yet it does not collapse easily. Made from thick ultra-soft silicone material, the nipple has similar elasticity to that of a mother’s actual breast. The dome-like shape makes baby’s mouth open naturally, supports its mouth softly and fits its lips gently.

Hole Size Guide:

  • S, Round Hole - 0m+
  • M, Round Hole - 4m+
  • Y, Y-Cut - 6m+
  • L, Round Hole - 9m+

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