Isa Uchi Bean Pillow

Design: Polka Dot
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Isa Uchi Bean Pillow

Our Beansprout Pillows are filled with 100% natural beansprout husks that have been gathered, sunned and carefully sorted by hand to ensure that only the best husks are used. Often made as a labour of love, beansprout-filled pillows are traditionally made by grandparents and parents in South East Asia to comfort their offsprings after they are born. The cooling effect of the natural beansprout husks make such pillows especially suitable for use in warm climates.

Each pillow measures 15 x 33 cm and weighs approx 150g.

Placed over the chest and tummy area, the Bean Pillow will provide your baby with a sense of comfort and security by simulating the touch of a hand. This helps cushion against sudden movements and noises that may startle them. The soft rustle and natural scent of the natural beansprout husks also help calm them down and can be used as a natural sleeping aid for both newborn babies and toddlers. The perfect first pillow and childhood keepsake!


Always make sure that the pillow is kept away from baby’s face and does not cover his/her mouth and nose when used.

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