Yookidoo Clips Rattle 'N' Links (Asst Design)

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Clips Rattle 'N' Links

Age: 0-12 months

A multi-purpose set of clips, fun links and a multi-textured friendly rattle that can be used to attach toys to baby gyms, carriers, strollers and more.


  • Set includes ten Yookidoo® fun links, 2 alligator clips and one multi-textured friendly rattle with crinkly ears, colorful sliding beads and an easy grip handle especially designed for tiny hands.
  • Yookidoo ® Clips N Links are designed for adjusting toys so they are within baby’s reach.

Developmental Benefits

  • Engages children in reaching and grabbing motions that develop motor skills and hand eye coordination.  
  • Enhances tactile stimulation and engages a child’s early senses of touch, sound and vision.

Play Tips

  • Clip and link to strollers, car seats and cribs! Attach the friendly rattle and encourage baby to reach out to it , explore and shake it .
  • Attach fun links to each other and to other toys. Take them out for fun-on-the go!
Clips Rattle 'N' Links (Cow)

What's Inside

  • 1 friendly teething rattle with multiple texture and sliding beads.
  • 2 Yookidoo® alligator clips.
  • 10 Yookidoo® Fun Links.


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