Yookidoo Jet Duck Create a Firefighter

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A battery operated jet duck with interchangeable firefighter themed accessories that speeds through the tub while firing water!



  • A battery operated jet duckĀ that speeds all around the tub!
  • Easy to operate on/off button on front of duck base.
  • 15 themed accessoriesĀ enable creation of different Firefighter characters for pretend play.
  • Fire hydrantĀ constantly fires water all around!
  • Swivel hydrant or remove duck's feet - each action effects duck's swimming route!
  • Scoop containerĀ with drain holes attaches to tub allowing easy mold free storage of jet duck and its accessories.

Developmental benefits

  • Promotes fine motor skills.
  • Promotes imaginative play.
  • Encourages social and interactive play.

Play Tips

Let your child activate the duck by pressing the on/off button located in the front of the duck base. Place in a bathtub or swimming pool for endless fun.
Swivel hydrant to change duckā€™s swimming route! Different Jet Duck feet placement will affect his swimming patterns. Remove ducks feet to see him swim in circles!
Let you child place the pirate accessories into the holes on duckā€™s body for different character creations.
Scoop container with drain holes attaches to tub allowing easy mold free storage of jet duck and its accessories.

What's Inside

1 x Battery operated Jet Duckā„¢.

1 x Scoop storage container with drain holes.

1 x Vacuum suction cup hanger.

15 x Firefighter-themed accessories:

1Ā x eye set, 1Ā x duck beak, 2 x duck feet, 1 x axe, 1 x helmet, 1 x speaker, 1 x hose, 1 x ladder, 2 x fire flames, 1 x fire extinguisher, 1 x protective goggles, 1 x fire jacket,Ā 1 x fire engine front.

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