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Tested Under The Most-Stringent Conditions

This is I-GUARD – a car seat from birth to approximately four years (40-105 cm) that complies with the R129 i-Size standard. It has been tested at a speed of 64 km/h to ensure higher safety standards (the standard requires car seats to be tested in head-on collisions at a speed of 50 km/h). The tests showed that I-GUARD decreases the force of a head-on collision on the head and chest by 20%.

In addition, to provide maximum protection for your child, I-GUARD is equipped with dedicated safety systems, such as H-GUARD, SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM, and an anti-rebound system. Thanks to EASY SPIN 360° and safety harness hooks, it's easier for you to put your child in the car seat and secure your little one correctly. I-GUARD is installed on an ISOFIX base and support leg – the indicators decrease the risk of incorrect installation. You buy one car seat and gain a new level of safety.

Main advantages

  • 4* for safety in the ADAC test
  • Conforms to standard R129 i-Size
  • From birth to four years (40-105 cm)
  • RWF and FWF (forward facing or rearward facing)
  • Dedicated safety systems
  • Swivel car seat – EASY SPIN 360°
  • PP - The shell of the car seat is sturdy and very durable
  • Memory foam - Foam that moulds to your child's head and remembers its shape
  • Breathable polyester - An easy-to-clean, breathable and durable cover

Child's age/weight/height: 40-105 cm
Product weight: 13,6 kg

Product dimensions:
Folded: 63 x 46 x 58 cm
Unfolded: 63 x 46 x 71 cm

H-Guard System
The reinforced headrest of the car seat has three layers with memory foam, which absorbs the force impact. It protects your child's most-sensitive and delicate body parts.

SPS System
The car seat's shell features addtional reinforcement in the form of special side protection, which absorbs the force of impact in side-on collisions.

Anti-Rebound System
Thanks to the frame, the car seat sits more snugly against the car bench seat, minimising slack and deflection after installation. Your little one will also have more leg room.

The ISOFIX base, support leg (11 adjustment options) and correct installation indicators ensure simple, quick and safe installation.

Makes securing your child in the car seat much easier. The button for changing positions is easily accessible and convenient: to place your youngster in, you just need to press the button and turn the car seat to face you. The system also enables quick changes to the overall position of the car seat (RWF and FWF) without needing to remove it.

4 travel positions
The RECLINING function allows the angle of incline of the car seat to be easily adjusted using one hand. By tailoring the position to your little passenger, you make them more comfortable and increase their safety in the event of a collision.

Ventilated shell
The special openings in the car seat’s shell combined with the breathable material of the seat effectively remove moisture in hot weather.

Secure and convenient installation
The car seat is integrated with the base. It’s installed using ISOFIX, which ensures simple, quick and safe installation. I-GUARD is also equipped with a support leg with 11 adjustment options and four correct installation indicators. All of this eliminates the risk of incorrect installation in the car.

Easy Grow System
This system enables you to change the height of the headrest and safety harness at the same time. You can adjust the headrest to six positions using one hand. This increases safety and comfort for your child on trips.

Easy securing of the safety harness
The internal five-point safety harness has pads with non-slip strips underneath. Thanks to the hooks on either side of the car seat, you can easily fold the safety harness back to make it easier to put your little one in the car seat. The buckle can be secured to prevent it from dropping, greatly increasing convenience when you’re securing your child.

A removable insert for children up to 60 cm. It increases travel comfort and reduces the space between your newborn and the car seat, increasing your baby’s safety in the event of a collision.


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