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Safe Travel From Birth

MINK PRO - Your first car seat for children from birth to 13 kg. The child can be safely carried rearward facing (RWF), which is up to five times safer for small children. MINK PRO comes with an insert filled with memory foam - it will wrap the toddler up, providing a sense of closeness. It also reduces the distance between the shell and the child's body, increasing travel safety.

In addition, MINK PRO is equipped with two dedicated systems: H-GUARD SYSTEM, a reinforced three-layer headrest, and a SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM in the form of wide reinforced side protection elements. The car seat features a comfortable carry handle and can also form a TRAVEL SYSTEM when set together with the stroller frame - it fits the sets equipped with universal adapters.

Main advantages

  • For children 40-75 cm tall
  • Compliant with standard R129 i-Size
  • RWF - rearward facing
  • Insert for younger children up to 60 cm

Child's age/weight/height: 40-75 cm
Product weight: 3.5 kg

Product dimensions
Internal length of the seat: 33 cm
External width of the seat: 37 cm
Internal width of the seat (usable): 23 cm
External width: 43 cm
Internal height Min: 35 cm
Internal height Max: 52 cm
External height Min: 35.5 cm
External height Max: 55 cm
Internal width of the backrest: 23 cm
External width of the backrest: 38 cm
External width of the headrest: 26.5 cm
Internal width of the headrest: 14 cm

The Highest Safety Standards
MINK PRO car seat meets the latest car seat standard: R129 i-Size. It has also been tested under very stringent conditions in crash tests. It can be set in an RWF, or rearward facing position only, which is up to five times safer in the case of frontal car crashes.

Close and Safe
MINK PRO is a car seat for children up to 75 cm that includes an insert for children up to 60 cm. The insert will wrap the toddler up and provide a sense of closeness; at the same time, it will reduce the distance between the shell and the child's body, which improves safety during travel.

Easy Installation
You can easily install the MINK PRO car seat in two ways: using the three-point car seat belt or on the MINK FX ISOFIX base, sold separately.

Safety Systems
The car seat features two special safety systems: H-GUARD and SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM. H-GUARD is a three-layer reinforced headrest that protects the child's head and cervical section. On the other hand, SPS is a reinforced side protection that absorbs the force generated due to a side collision.

Simultaneous adjustment of headrest and safety harnessSimultaneous adjustment of headrest and safety harness
The headrest can be adjusted simultaneously with the safety harness at 35-52 cm. Soft pads on the safety harness protect the baby's delicate skin from abrasion and prevent the harness from slipping over the clothing.

Possibility to install the car seat on the stroller frame
MINK PRO car seat fits most strollers equipped with universal adapters. With their help, you will clip the car seat into the stroller's frame and create a practical travel system.

The MINK PRO car seat cover is made of soft, tactile fabric. You can easily remove the cover for cleaning - your child will enjoy cleanliness for the whole time of using the car seat.

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