Pigeon Japan Baby Laundry Detergent Pure, 800ml

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Ultra Gentle Formulation! Perfect for Newborns!

Effectively remove poop stains and milk stains using 100% Plant-based Natural Cleaning Agents.

  • Ultra Safe Detergent for baby’s clothes
  • Newborn onwards
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Free from additives, colouring, fragrance, bleach, phosphorus & optical brighteners
  • Made in Japan

How to use:
Wash by Soaking (Machine/Hand)
For the stain of poop, food and dirt
1. Put 10ml of this product into 5 litre of cold water or 40°C of warm water, and mix well
2. Soak the clothes for 2-3 hours (solid stain should be removed before soaking) *Please soak completely. If some part of cloth is not soaked, the stain will not be removed.
3. After soaking, wash and rinse well using machine or by hand wash
Wash without soaking (Machine)
Use washing machine as per usual washing cycle (wash, rinse, spin)
Amount of Detergent: Wash by soaking/10ml per 5L of water. Wash by washing machine/ 50ml per 30L water. *Purchase the refill pouch to replenish detergent . Avoid storing at extremely hot or cold place.

Do not use product for any other purpose apart from intended use. Keep out of reach from children. Please wash your hands before and after use. For sensitive skin, you may use a hand glove. Drink plenty of water if product is accidentally consumed. If this product gets into eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If you feel unwell after using product, seek treatment from doctor immediately.

Surfactant (Polyoxyethylene Alkyl, Ether, Fatty acid potassium), Stabilizer, pH adjuster sequestering agent

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