Our goal is to give mothers and babies the best possible support for a great and long lasting breastfeeding experience.

We live in an ever-changing world in which technology has modified our lives dramatically over the last decades. However, one thing that has not changed is the unique quality of breastmilk. Not even the best artificial formula can compete with the beneficial properties of breastmilk. Formula may provide nutrition, but breastmilk has unique developmental and immunological benefits and increases the bond between mother and baby when breastfeeding. Medela values this unique time in the life of a mother and her child.

Initiating Milk Production in the first 30 Days are crucial

Reaching an adequate milk production begins with developing the breast tissue and initiating milk synthesis. Getting things right from the start will have a substantial impact on long-term milk production success. Directly after birth, mothers have high levels of oxytocin – a principal lactation hormone. Early and frequent breastfeeding or expressing takes advantage of these high oxytocin levels and helps facilitate long-term milk production in mothers of both term and preterm infants.

Research-based Hospital Grade Pump are used by hospitals in Singapore

The distinctive Symphony breast pump with its research-based pumping programs has been developed specifically to support mothers throughout their lactation journey: to initiate, build and maintain an adequate milk production.

The Symphony breast pump is used by KK Hospital, Thomson Medical, Gleneagles, Mt Alvernia, NUH, Mt Elizabeth Novena and many others which are offered as an option for mothers to kickstart their milk supply.