ENVE Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags, 240ml, 30s


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ENVE Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags

Introducing our Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags – a game-changer for nursing mothers seeking convenience, reliability, and optimal preservation of precious breast milk. Thoughtfully designed, these bags simplify the process of storing and pouring breast milk, ensuring every drop is handled with care.

    • Secure Seal Technology: Our breast milk storage bags are equipped with a robust double-seal closure, preventing leaks and maintaining the freshness of your expressed milk. Rest assured that each bag provides a secure environment for your baby's nourishment.
    • Easy Pour Design: The innovative pour spout eliminates the need for cumbersome funnels or transfers. With a wide opening and easy-to-pour spout, you can effortlessly transfer breast milk from the bag to the bottle without any mess or waste. Say goodbye to spills and make feeding time a breeze.
    • Pre-sterilized and Ready-to-Use: Our storage bags come pre-sterilized, ensuring a hygienic environment for your expressed milk. Designed for immediate use, these bags save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters most – caring for your baby.
    • Generous Capacity: Each bag boasts a generous capacity, accommodating ample servings of breast milk to meet your baby's growing needs. The clear and accurate volume markers make it easy to monitor and track your milk supply effortlessly.
    • Freezer-Safe and Durable: Constructed from high-quality, freezer-safe materials, these storage bags are designed to withstand freezing temperatures, preserving the nutritional value of your breast milk for an extended period. The durable material also ensures that the bags stand upright in the freezer, optimizing space.
    • Space-Saving Design: The compact and stackable design of our breast milk storage bags helps you maximize storage space in the refrigerator or freezer. Keep your breast milk collection organized and easily accessible whenever your little one needs nourishment.
    • BPA-Free and Safe: We understand the importance of providing the safest options for your baby. Our breast milk storage bags are made from BPA-free materials, ensuring that your expressed milk is free from harmful contaminants.
    • Thermal Sensor: Let mom to know real-time milk temperature at any time, if the milk is at the correct feeding temperature for baby.

    Choose Easy Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags to simplify your breastfeeding journey. With a focus on practicality, security, and hygiene, these bags are designed to make expressing, storing, and feeding breast milk as seamless as possible. Trust in a product that prioritizes both your convenience and your baby's well-being.

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