ENVE Handsfree Pump, Ariel Pro (Bluetooth), Duo

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Introducing the ENVE ARIEL PRO Hands-free Breast Pump ‚Äď a¬†revolutionary and convenient solution designed to make¬†breastfeeding a seamless and empowering experience for¬†modern mothers. This innovative breast pump not only offers the¬†freedom of hands-free operation but also comes equipped with¬†SmartApp connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly sync with a¬†dedicated mobile app for customizing your pumping preferences¬†and tracking of your milk yield.

Key Features:
  • Hands-free convenience
  • SmartApp boasts a user-friendly interface, making it easy to¬†navigate and customize your pumping preferences
  • Milk yield tracking
  • Tailor your pumping experience to your unique needs with¬†adjustable suction levels and massage modes
  • Few parts to clean, say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning¬†numerous parts after each pumping session
  • Rechargeable battery for portability, enabling you to express¬†milk whenever and wherever you need¬†

Full Remote Control
With the full remote control, you can conveniently operate the Ariel Pro from a distance. It allows you to start and stop the pumping process, adjust suction strength and speed, and even switch between different pumping modes.
With our personalization function, you can customize various aspects of your pumping experience. Adjust the suction strength and speed to find the perfect level of comfort and efficiency for your body. Choose from different pumping modes, such as massage mode for gentle simulation or expression mode for efficient milk extraction.
History Tracking
With the history tracking function, you can easily keep record of your pumping sessions and gain valuable insights into your breast feeding journey. It records the date, time, duration and amount of milk expressed of each pumping session, allowing you to track your progress over time.
Adjustable Suction Levels:
Tailor your pumping experience with precision using the breast pump’s adjustable  suction levels. Whether you prefer a gentle draw or a stronger pull, find the perfect setting that matches your comfort and maximizes milk expression.
Massage Modes for Added Comfort:
Enhance your comfort with specialized massage modes that simulate the natural nursing rhythm. The Ariel Pro offers gentle massage options to stimulate milk flow, providing a soothing and comfortable experience for moms.
Intuitive Controls for Seamless Operation:
Effortlessly navigate through the pump's intuitive controls to fine-tune your experience. With user-friendly interfaces, you can easily adjust settings on the go, giving you full control over your pumping sessions without any hassle.
Responsive to Your Body's Changes:
As your body's needs change, so can your pumping experience. Ariel Pro allows you to modify settings as necessary, adapting to variations in milk supply or changes in  personal comfort levels throughout your breastfeeding journey. Ariel Pro boasts an integrated design that minimizes the number of components, providing a seamless and compact solution.
Fewer Parts to Clean:
Say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning numerous parts after each pumping session. With Ariel Pro, you'll appreciate the simplicity of fewer components,
making the cleaning process quick and straightforward, giving you more time to spend with your baby.
Easy Assembly and Disassembly:
Ariel Pro is designed for effortless assembly and disassembly. With intuitive connections and fewer components, you can transition seamlessly between pumping and storage without the need for complex maneuvers or intricate steps.
Hygienic and Low Maintenance:
Experience the benefits of an integrated design that minimizes gaps and seams where milk residue could accumulate. Ariel Pro is not only easy to clean but also inherently hygienic, ensuring a low-maintenance pumping experience for busy moms.
Compact and Portable:
Designed for the active, modern mom, this storage bag is compact and portable, ensuring that your Ariel Pro is always ready for use wherever your day takes you. Its ergonomic shape allows for easy carrying, fitting effortlessly into your daily
Hard-Shell Protection:
Safeguard your investment with the durable hard-shell construction of this storage bag. The rigid exterior provides an additional layer of protection, shielding your breast pump from bumps, scratches, and other potential damage.
Custom Compartments for Organization:
Enjoy the convenience of custom compartments designed to keep your breast pump and its accessories organized. The bag's interior layout is tailored to accommodate the various components of the pump, ensuring everything has its dedicated space.
Easy to Clean Exterior:
Maintain the polished appearance of your storage bag effortlessly with an easy-to-clean exterior. Wipe away spills or dirt with ease, ensuring that your stylish accessory always looks its best.

Details & Dimensions
Width: 110mm
Depth: 60mm
Weight: 230 g

Power & Connectivity
2 Hours charging via USB Type C, 2 Hours usage time (Depending on your setting),
Auto off function after 30 minutes.

Experience the freedom, comfort, and efficiency that the ENVE Handsfree Breast Pump brings to your breastfeeding journey. Embrace convenience without sacrificing performance.

What's included:
2 x Motor Pump
2 x Milk Storage Tank (4oz/120ml, Tritan, BPA free)
2 x Breast Shield (25mm)
2 x Valves
2 x Silicone Diaphragm
2 x Silicone Sealing Rings
2 x Silicone Stoppers
2 x Bra Adjusters
2 x USB Charging Cables
1 x Hardcase Carrier
Instructions for Use

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