HAMILTON Eco Bag, Assorted Colors

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Style: Off-white
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Introducing our versatile HAMILTON Cotton Eco Bag with both short and long handles, the perfect companion for your eco-conscious lifestyle. Crafted from 100% cotton, this bag combines style, functionality, and sustainability in one. 

With its spacious interior and 2 sets of handles, our eco bag offers endless possibilities. The short handles provide a convenient hand-carry option, perfect for quick trips to the mart or carrying your essentials on the go. The long handles, on the other hand, allow for comfortable shoulder carrying, making it ideal for longer outings or when you need to keep your hands free. 

Made with durability in mind, our eco bag is designed to withstand the test of time. Say goodbye to filmsy bags and hello to a reliable companion that will last for a long time.

Material: Dyed Cotton
Print: Silk Screen
Bag Size: 38cm x 36cm x 11.5cm
Long strap: 30cm
Short strap: 15cm
Strap width: 3cm


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