ISA UCHI 4-in-1 Steam Sterilizer & Dryer


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Isauchi 4-in-1 Digital Steam Sterilizer & Dryer

Stable high temperature for sterilization, 360-degree steam circulation, no dead-end high temperature sterilization, sterilize eight bottles at a time
Unique angled bottle holder, controlling the wind direction inside the bottle to form a spiral, accelerating steam evaporation and drying more thoroughly
Bottle Warmer
According to different containers and different capacities, 3-12 minutes can be chosen at will to lock in breast milk nutrition. Thicker 4MM wall body, lock the machine internal high temperature, long-term use is not easy to deformation
Fruit Dehydrator
Activate the dried fruit function and choose the time according to the soft and hard preference

Air outlet closed
Effective heat insulation to avoid water vapor penetration and corrosion of aging parts
Double thickened HEPA air filter
Continuous filtration of PM2.5, dust and pollen. Absorbs odor, formaldehyde, particulates, allergens and other harmful substances


Gently wipe it off for a fresh look
Food grade thickened material easy to clean and maintain
Storage without tangling
Winding design at the bottom. Simple and clean.
SUS304 stainless steel heating plate
Stable and durable
Water shortage and dry burn protection
Automatic power off at the end of work

1x Top Lid
1x Upper Tray
1x Bottle Stand
1x Body
1x Bottom base
1x HEPA filter

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