ISA UCHI Ready Connect Breast Milk Storage Bag, 50pcs

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Isa Uchi Ready Connect Breast Milk Storage Bag, 50pcs

Breast milk Storage Bags can be conveniently stored, freeze and also transport your breast milk. Our breast milk storage bags are designed for storing and freezing expressed milk from mummies for later use.

- 6.8oz/200ml - Material: PET+LLDPE

-Heat Resistance Point and Freeze Point: 230 Degrees Fahrenheit ~ -4 Degrees Fahrenheit (110 Degrees Celsius ~ -20 Degrees Celsius)

Caution :

-Do Not fill in the bag above the maximum line for safety.

-Pay attention to the sanitation especially when using the scissors.

-Feed as soon as possible after the bag has been taken out.

-Keep it out of the reach of children.

-Not suitable for reuse.

-Please Do Not directly put the bag into the microwave, oven or hot water because of the Small water droplets outside the bag Produced by thawing.

-Please Do Not freeze the breast milk again after thawing.

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