KINDERKRAFT High Chair, Yummy, Grey

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Practical And Comfortable Chair

Wide adjustment range allows children to comfortably use the chair as soon as they learn to sit. Soft cover, made of artificial leather ensures comfort and may be easily cleaned.

Main advantages

  • From the first months of life
  • Reclining position
  • Cover made of artificial leather resistant to dirt

Adjustable Height
With a 7-step height adjustment, the chair you may be easily adjusted to tables of different heights.

Backrest Adjustment
3-step backrest adjustment, with reclining position, makes it suitable for small children.

Adjustment Tray
3-point adjustment, double tray easy to clean. It allows you to easily put the child on the chair and adjust the distance of the tray.

Safety Harness
5-point safety harness. Easy to fasten and unfasten. Removable for washing.

Adjustment Footrest
The adjustable footrest ensures your child is comfortable while eating.

Easily Stored
It may be folded into a standing position. The tray can be attached vertically to the rear legs of the chair.

Dimensions 84,5 x 55,5 x 105 cm
Weight 8,4 kg 

Aluminium - Durable aluminium frame
Rubber - Rubber wheels do not damage the floor

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