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Discover A New Level Of Walks And Trips!

This is NEWLY – a lightweight 4-in-1 pushchair for children up to 22 kg, which is approximately four years old. You’ll love it for its light weight, ease of steering, and functionality – it’s one of the lightest multi-functional models on the international market! Because it weighs just 7.5 kg, manoeuvring is a breeze, even in tight, crowded alleys. One of its standout features is the convertible 2-in-1 seat, which you can easily transform from a pram into a stroller. The large wheels with shock absorbers make it easier to steer, even on uneven, park paths.

The NEWLY 4-in-1 pushchair folds with the seat still attached – in just one moment, the pushchair is ready for a trip. It’s made for travelling! The set includes the MINK PRO i-Size 40–75 cm car seat with base, and universal adapters. They allow you to affix the car seat to the pushchair frame to create the TRAVEL SYSTEM. Remove the car seat from the base and affix it to the pushchair, so you can experience new adventures with your little one! In addition to the spacious basket under the seat, NEWLY also features additional accessories to make walks unforgettable – a leg warmer and rain cover.

Main advantages

  • 4-in-1 pushchair – pram, stroller, MINK PRO i-Size car seat with base
  • From birth up to 22 kg
  • 2-in-1 seat – carrycot and stroller
  • Two travel directions in stroller mode
  • Large wheels that don't require inflating

Light and multifunctional
NEWLY is a 4-in-1 pushchair designed for children from birth to approximately four years old. Despite its many functionalities, it's one of the lightest pushchairs on the market – it weighs just 7.5 kg. It’s fantastic for both everyday walks and travelling. It stands out thanks to the convertible 2-in-1 seat (pram and stroller in one), and the set includes the MINK PRO i-Size 40–75 cm car seat with ISOFIX base and universal adapters*, which allow you to affix the car seat to the pushchair frame to create the TRAVEL SYSTEM.

Easy folding
The NEWLY 4-in-1 pushchair can be easily folded with the seat attached in just a few moments. This pushchair has been designed for everyday walks and longer trips. Its light weight and compact folded size allow you to easily carry it up stairs and put it into your car boot. It doesn’t take up much space, leaving room for your luggage.

2-in-1 seat
The NEWLY pushchair is designed for children up to 22 kg, while at the same time allowing you to use one element for the entire period you’ll need a pushchair. The convertible 2-in-1 seat is a pram that you can quickly convert into a stroller. A huge advantage is the fact that you can position the stroller facing towards or away from the direction of travel. And all of this in one seat!

Car seat with base and adapters
The MINK PRO i-Size car seat (included) is a car seat for children from 40 to 75 cm tall. The set includes the MINK FX base affixed using ISOFIX, which enables installation of the car seat in the car. You install the base once, and then you can affix the car seat to it in just a moment. In addition, the car seat can also be clipped to the pushchair frame thanks to the universal adapters. Do you need to get out of the car, but your little one has decided to take a nap? No problem: remove the car seat from the base and affix it to the NEWLY frame.

Puncture-resistant wheels
NEWLY is a pushchair with large wheels that feature shock absorbers. They’re puncture resistant, and you don’t have to pump them up – they're perfect for both city pavements and forest trails. The front wheels rotate 360° and can be locked to drive straight, meaning the pushchair is also suitable for difficult terrain.

Large waterproof hood
The NEWLY 4-in-1 pushchair is ideal for walks at any time of year. It features a large, waterproof hood made of UPF50+ fabric with an additional sun shade. It’ll shield your child against the wind, rain and snow, and protect them against harmful UV rays while providing shade on walks. It also features a window through which you can see what your child is doing on walks.


    Aluminium frame - Light and highly durable

    Large wheels - They combine the advantages of puncture-resistant foam and elastic rubber

    Quick-drying material - The cover is made of polyester - easy to keep clean



    Child's age/weight/height: From birth up to 22 kg
    Product's weight: 7.5 kg

    Product dimensions: (L x W x H)
    Unfolded: 100 x 94 x 54 cm
    Folded: 74 x 54 x 35 cm
    front: 17.8 cm
    rear: 22.5 cm

    The NEWLY pushchair comes with practical accessories that are handy on joint walks: a leg warmer, a rain cover, universal adapters*, and the MINK PRO i-Size (40–75 cm) car seat with the MINK FX ISOFIX base.

    Adapters: *The included adapters are compatible with car seats: Kinderkraft®: MINK PRO i-Size, Kiddy®: Evoluna I-Size 2, Evolution Pro 2, Maxi Cosi®: Mico, Mico AP, Mico NXT, Mico Max 30, Citi, Cabrio, CabrioFix, Cybex®: Aton, Aton 2, Aton Q, BeSafe®: iZi Go, iZi Go Modular, Nuna®: Pipa
    Set includes: 2-in-1 seat (carrycot and stroller), frame, footmoof, rain cover, car seat MINK PRO i-Size (40-75 cm) and adapters

    NEWLY is a pushchair for children that has been designed with comfort in mind. The backrest can be adjusted in just a few moments to create a comfortable space for your youngster to nap in. And the adjustable parent handle lets you tailor NEWLY to your height, making it easier to steer the pushchair.


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