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Safe Travels For Many Years

I-GROW i-Size is an easy spin car seat that will accompany you from birth up to approximately 12 years (36 kg/150 cm). Adjustable five-point safety harnesses and a durable shell are supported by additional safety systems such as H-GUARD, SPS+, or correct installation indicators: ISOFIX and TOP TETHER. Thanks to the EASY SPIN 360° system, you can quickly rotate the car seat to face you to be able to fasten the child properly.

I-GROW allows for rearward-facing (RWF) transportation of children up to 4 years old (up to 105 cm). The RWF position is up to 5 times safer in the event of frontal collisions and should be used to transport the child for as long as possible. Additionally, there are twelve headrest adjustment options and five angle of incline adjustment options. It also comes with a modular memory foam insert for the youngest children (up to 75 cm).

Main advantages

  • From birth to 12 years (40-150 cm)
  • Compliant with standard R129 i-Size
  • EASY SPIN 360° - easy spin car seat
  • EASY GROW SYSTEM - grows together with the child
  • Easy installation using the ISOFIX system and TOP TETHER

Child's age/weight/height: 40-150 cm
Product weight: 11 kg

Product dimensions
Internal seat length: 34 cm
Length of the car seat (in the reclined position): 59 cm FWF/ 75 cm RWF
External width: 44 cm
External height Min: 61 cm
External height Max: 81 cm

The highest safety standard
I-GROW allows for rearward-facing (RWF) transportation of the child up to approximately 4 years old (up to 105 cm). It's important to remember that RWF is the safest position for transporting young children - it is up to 5 times safer in the event of a frontal collision!

From birth to 12 years of age
The I-GROW car seat was created to accompany your child throughout the entire period of using a car seat: from birth to approximately 12 years (36 kg/150 cm). It will provide adequate protection for your little one, thanks to its easy adjustability to the child's height.

The EASY SPIN 360° system greatly facilitates buckling up the child in the car seat. All you need to do is press a button and rotate the car seat towards you to place your toddler inside and fasten the internal five-point safety harness. The system also allows for a quick change of the car seat's orientation (Rearward-Facing and Forward-Facing) without the need to remove it from the car.

Safety systems
The I-GROW car seat has two dedicated safety systems designed to provide even better protection for the child during travels. The H-GUARD SYSTEM is a reinforced, 3-layered headrest with memory foam that absorbs the impact force. The SIDE PROTECT SYSTEM + consists of reinforced, wide side protection elements that absorb the impact force during side collisions.

The car seat can be easily installed within moments, thanks to the ISOFIX system. There are correct installation indicators at the mounting points. I-GROW also features a TOP TETHER strap, which is always used when the child is secured with the internal safety harness of the car seat.

Tailored to the child
I-GROW is a car seat that grows with the child - there are twelve headrest adjustment options, and the angle of incline of the backrest can be adjusted in five positions: both in Rearward-Facing (RWF) and Forward-Facing (FWF) positions!

I-GROW comes with a compartment for the internal safety harness - you won't need to remove it when it's time to buckle the child with the three point car seat belt. The car seat also includes a modular memory foam insert for younger children, which enhances comfort and safety during transport for small toddlers. The cover is easy to remove for washing - it will maintain its fresh appearance for years.

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