KINDERKRAFT Double-sided Foam Mat, Matty 2

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A common space for learning, fun and relaxation

Get to know MATTY 2 - a double-sided foam mat that will be used for rest, learning and fun. On the one hand, it has an eye-catching print that encourages play. It will fit perfectly into the children's room decor. The second one has a subdued, geometric design that can be easily adapted to the space intended for the whole family: e.g. a living room or dining room.

The double-sided MATTY 2 foam mat is a perfect place for rolling, learning to crawl and taking the first steps. It is also very thick and provides excellent insulation from the floor - both from cool tiles and the grass outside.

From the first day of life
MATTY 2 is a foam educational mat, intended for children from birth. Together you will create a common space to rest, learn to crawl and play: without age restrictions in any direction!

Two unique designs
MATTY 2 is a double-sided mat: thanks to this, you can easily match it to the interior design of your home. On one side there is a children's print, perfect for a toddler's room, and on the other: a subdued geometric pattern, perfect for the dining room or living room.

The MATTY 2 foam mat is made of materials that are safe for children. They are tested and certified - the child can use the mat even in a diaper.

Perfect for traveling
Assembling MATTA 2 will take you only 5 seconds. You don't have to roll it into an uncomfortable, large roll - just a moment is enough to fold the mat and prepare it for travel by putting it in the included bag.

For home and outdoors
MATTY 2 provides excellent insulation from the ground - regardless of whether it is from panels, tiles or the ground outside. The mat can be a picnic blanket, a mat for learning to crawl or a play area. Use it in the living room, on the terrace or in the garden!

Easy to clean
Spilled juice during a picnic? Or maybe mud and sand appeared on the mat while playing outside? Don't worry - MATTY 2 just needs to be wiped with a damp cloth and it will be ready for use again.

Materials & Dimensions
PE+EVA - Durable, resistant to deformation

Product dimension: (L x W x H) 197 x 147 cm
The set includes: bag


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