KINDERKRAFT Feeding Chair, Livy w/Calmee, Wood

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Supports Child's Passions

LIVY feeding chair is discreet support for your baby at every stage of life. It will quickly become your favourite piece of furniture – 4 functions in one product make LIVY a chair for years to come. The high bouncer and the original feeding chair will serve you well during your baby's first years. When your child grows up, you can use the included hex key to turn LIVY into a chair for a pre-schooler and later even for an adult (up to 110 kg). LIVY supports the child's development during rest, first feeding attempts, creative passions and homework. The Dutch designers, Bas Otten and Camille de Vrede, have created a chair that combines the latest interior design trends with well-thought-out functional solutions and ergonomic principles. The profiled backrest supports the child's growing spine, and thanks to the 4-stage seat height adjustment, you can adjust LIVY to different tables. The chair also has adjustable depth and footrest.

Main advantages

  • 4 i n1 – high bouncer, feeding chair, chair for a pre-schooler and an adult
  • From birth to 110 kg
  • Supports correct posture
  • Accessories included
  • Innovative Dutch design

From birth to 110 kg
Babies often involve their parents in creative activities – that's why LIVY has a load capacity of up to 110 kg. Sit in the chair and take your little one on your lap to feed them in a safe and comfortable conditions.

Support for the spine
The profiled backrest and adjustable seat and footrest will allow you to adjust LIVY to the growing child while respecting the principles of ergonomics. This way your child will be able to indulge in their passions while keeping a straight back and correct posture.

Multi-level adjustment
The 4-stage seat height adjustment combined with the 3-stage depth adjustment and footrest adjustment allows for perfect customisation, allowing children of all ages to develop their creative projects at tables of different heights.

Dutch design
The innovative design has been developed by Dutch designers – Bas Otten and Camille de Vrede. They have designed the perfect chair, which combines the latest interior trends with versatility, functionality and ergonomic principles.

Practical accessories
LIVY will accompany your child through every stage of life - without the need to buy more elements. The set includes accessories which make it possible to create a high bouncer or various variants of a chair. LIVY comes with a rocker, a non-slip pad for the tray, a rail with straps and a soft pillow.

Safe in every situation
LIVY's 5-point harness has a durable buckle to keep your baby safe. The chair also has an additional guard rail, allowing you to safely bring your little one to the table without having to use the tray.

Creative and clean
The tray can easily be cleaned with a wet wipe. And the silicone pad can be washed in the dishwasher. LIVY is not afraid of paint, tomato soup or beetroot.

Length: 60 cm
Width: 47 cm
Height: 82 cm
Chair weight: LIVY oak wood: 7,75 kg
LIVY olive green, aster pink: 7,3 kg
Weight with bouncer: LIVY oak wood with bouncer: 10,15 kg
LIVY olive green, aster pink with bouncer: 9,7 kg
Solid construction / Elegant wooden elements - aluminium, steel / oak wood
Double tray - Silicone mat and PP tray
Soft pillow - Polyester


Kinderkraft presents LIVY 4 in 1! A unique chair that will accompany your child from birth through every stage of life - it has a load capacity of up to 110 kg! It functions as a high chair, feeding chair, chair for older children and a chair for teenagers. A parent can also sit on it comfortably and take the little one on his lap! This is one purchase for years.

The LIVY chair will serve as a comfortable piece of furniture for all children's activities - whether they are just drawing their first shapes or already assembling complicated aircraft models.

The years fly by, the children grow, and LIVY... will support their passions at all times.

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