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Ideal For Learning To Ride A Bike

4TRIKE is a tricycle with pedals, which, after changing the function, is also a push-toy and a mini balance bike! It will help your child to improve motor skills, maintain balance, and encourage it to start its first activities. Having fun together outside or at home will remain in your memory forever! The bike has durable puncture-resistant tyres made of foam, thanks to which your little one will be able to use the bike both at home and outside. You don't need any tools to change functions - you can do it in a minute, even during your walk. And when your little one gets bored of riding a tricycle, the pedals can be easily clipped under the seat - they will never get lost. 4TRIKE is suitable for children from 1 to about 3 years of age. The adjustable seat will allow you to better adjust the bike to the child's height, and thanks to its easy folding, you can take the 4TRIKE anywhere - on vacation or even when you go shopping because it will fit in the shopping cart.

Main advantages

  • Durable, lightweight aluminium frame
  • 3 functions in 1 bike
  • Tool-less function change, easy folding
  • Limited handlebar turning
  • Adjustable seat

As many as three functions
4TRIKE is a bike for children from the 1st year of life that combines the functions of a mini push toy bike, mini balance bike, and tricycle with pedals. You don't need tools to change its functions, and it only takes a moment.

Stable construction
Thanks to its three-wheel construction, the 4TRIKE is stable and perfect for learning how to drive. It is created for safe riding in and out of the home.

Supports the development
As a push toy, it will encourage the little one to practice the alternate leg movement, and as a balance bike, it supports balance development. On the other hand, as a three-wheeler, it will help your child to prepare to ride a big bicycle.

Lightweight and durable
It has an aluminium frame that is highly durable and extremely lightweight. The 4TRIKE weighs only 3.5 kg, and thanks to the handles (one on the frame, the other on the handlebars), a parent can take it with them without any problems.

Easy folding
This bike folds to compact sizes and fits even into a pushchair's basket. After the playtime is finished, the small sizes allow you to leave the 4TRIKE in the corner of the room or hide it in the closet. Additionally, thanks to a useful handle, you can take it everywhere.

Adjustable seat
4TRIKE is a three-wheeler that grows together with the child. The seat can be effortlessly adjusted to match the needs of a quickly growing child.

Child's age/weight/height: 1 year – 25 kg
Product weight: 3.5 kg

Product dimensions: (L x W x H)
Unfolded product: 69 x 44.5 x 49 cm
Seat adjustment: 29.5-31.5 cm
Wheel diameter:
Front: 21 cm
Rear: 17 cm 

Aluminium - Light, durable material
Foam wheels - Light and puncture-resistant

TPU material - Comfortable, soft seat


4TRIKE is both a balance bike, a push-toy and a tricycle with pedals. Thanks to these 3 functions, it will stay in your home for a long time. It is light and foldable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Moreover, no tools are needed to change functions, and you can even do it during your walk. Foam tyres and limited handlebar turn radius will ensure safety of your every trip. The 4TRIKE bike will support your toddler in improving motor skills and maintaining balance from the age of 1 year. You can even use it at home, because the wheels will not scratch the floor.

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